Benjamin Martin

My First Month at Hack Reactor

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

A red Ferrari and a fleet of other luxury cars cruise through 5th and Market while a homeless man on the corner attempts to catch a nonexistent fly. After several minutes of passing exuberant tourists, harried professionals, and boisterous street dwellers, I find the correct building. I acknowledge the doorman I met a month earlier and take the elevator up to the eighth and top floor of 944 Market St. The beautiful sunny day and stale air of the city leave me as I enter my first day at Hack Reactor.

Hack Reactor Recursion Sprint

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Jacob Thornton, more popularly known as @fat, used to work at Twitter. While conducting interviews for JavaScript developers, he would ask one simple question: rewrite as much of jQuery as you can in 30 minutes.

Categories for Extending a Core Class

Monday, July 15th, 2013

You want to add colors to the UIColor class. There are currently 15 different preset colors that can be used, but that's not good enough for you. You REALLY like yellow, and just yellowColor isn't going to cut it. You also want amber, aureolin, and citrine (thanks, Wikipedia). Instead of memorizing the RGB values and using them with colorWithRed every time, you want to be able to reference them by name with amberColor, aureolinColor, and citrineColor.